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Our Service 

OutSurv is a subscription based back-office service outsourcing “Scan to BIM”.  

We take your digital laser scan surveys and draught them into CAD for your Building Industry projects. 

Our prime purpose is to reduce your costs and provide 3D modelling based off your survey scans without the expense of overheads. Using our service your company gains a serious competitive advantage on cost and service value.  

With over 50 years of combined experience in the Geomatics Industry providing measured surveys we realised that an efficient back-office service for this industry was needed.  

The process of sending us a project is as simple as loading it on to our server system along with pictures and notes, and then allowing us to take it from there! 


 Outsurv Users 

Today OutSurv is used discretely not only by measured surveyors but architects, interior designers and developers. An Outsurv subscription provides affordable high quality, done-for-you, drafting services resulting in CAD models and plans ready for your clients.  


What you get 

You gain highly accurate 3D CAD models to suit your CAD or BIM system whether that’s AutoCAD, Revit, BRICS or Sketchup!  


The value per project is astounding, and we welcome you to give us an informal call to enquire. 

Call us on 0345 355 3234

Contact us here 

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We work with firms on small to medium sized projects to offer ongoing 2D & 3D drafting solutions that are viable and rewarding for our clients. 

Our History  

OutSurv has been designed by surveyors for surveyors, to assist in the transition from 2D to 3D CAD, and offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive in-house operations within the UK.   

Originally incorporated for a small company's own back-office solution, OutSurv has grown and is able to process site data for a broad range of companies. We pride ourselves that our service gives our clients the ability to expand their businesses and give them that competitive edge 


White Label Service  

 With the high level of confidentiality required with our service, drawings we produce are always a blank canvas, enabling you to customise the final CAD models with your company's profile. 


GDPR Compliance 

Due to the nature of our work; we operate total discretion with clients. The work we produce leaves out any client sensitive information throughout the process to ensure compliance to GDPR. 


Microsoft Certified Servers 

Server systems are paramount in the work that we do, and as such we base all our systems with Microsoft, with all the appropriate certificates giving you peace of mind about where data is stored. 


Quality Assurance  

In OutSurv, a dedicated system of training and quality assurance has been implemented and constantly reviewed. We are continually evolving, and look to improve in everything we do. We strive for excellence and welcome feedback from our clients. 


A Flexible Service 

Day to day business operations with OutSurv are designed to be easy to work with and allow the flexibility of adding projects at a rate that suit our clients work flow.    

The minimum number of projects is 1 per week. Typical timeline for delivery for a building size of 200 - 300msq is 7 working days.   

We maintain a surplus capacity and as a result can bring work flows online very quickly with high flows being delivered within 6 to 12 weeks depending on volume and complexity. 

We look to provide a first-class service and if you have that extra project you need doing please call - we always do our best to accommodate.  


24/7 Client Portal 

Our client portal enables a simple and straight forward way for you to quickly load project data; 24 hours a day 7 days a week 

The process of sending us a project is as simple as loading it on to our server system along with pictures and notes, and then allowing us to take it from there. 


Project Deliverables 

All works can include 3D/BIM, a complete set of 2D plans and registration of scanned data if required. 

 We have the ability to offer a price point and service better than the eastern continents, along with a UK team that understands the complexities of the work involved.  

Please note that our 3D/BIM modelling is a Level Of Detail blend, with generic modelling and families where possible. All our projects go through a full quality assurance process, before issuing.  


UK Helpline 

When you call you will always get through to our UK based office, removing any stress with language or time delays in answering questions. 


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